German tuner Oettinger has a tuning kit for the VW Amarok pickup truck.

The tuning consists of a power boosting for the 2.0 liter BiTDi engine on the Amarok - squeezing even more torque from the already twist-heavy power plant. Oettinger dials up output on the diesel engine to 140 kW (190 bhp) and 317 lb ft (430 Nm) - up from the series' 120 kW (163 bhp) 295 lb ft (400 Nm).

The specifics are even better, as the tuning actually provides an additional 50 Nm (37 lb/ft) in the critical band between 2800-4000 rpm.

The engine tuning, which entails a tweaking of the ECU, takes the Amarok's 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time to around 10.5 seconds. The Oettinger Amarok has a top speed of 187 km/h (116 mph).

Cost for the engine tuning comes in at €1,090.00, including installation and warranty.

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