Brand new is the HAMANN wide body-kit, which make the Cayenne appear even more imposing. Fitted with this kit, the Cayenne may call itself „Cyclone“.

Flashily-dressed giant

The Porsche Cayenne has been a raving succes at the cost of indivualism to their owners. Several German tuning houses have already constructed body kits for the Cayenne, and today Hamann released their latest, and arguably, most extravagant package for the SUV.

Hamann gives the Cayenne a wide body aerodynamic component kit consisting of a new front spoiler with two integrated LED-daytime running lights and fog lamps, extended wheel arches for a more imposing look, roof spoiler and rear-facing panel with diffuser.

The Cayenne has been lowered by 35mm through a lowering system with pneumatic shock absorption. Hamann has either 22 inch (Anniversary II) or 23 inch (Edition Race) light alloy wheels on offer. With their Hamann sport exhaust system with 4-pipe sports competition silencer, the Laupheim modifiers even tune the sound of the SUV, with some extra horsepower as a nice bonus.

To stress that the interior can be upgraded to whatever the customer wants is proven in this demo car. The show car is furnished with Twotone Snake full leather upholstery, aluminium foot rest, pearl velours floor mats and 36-piece carbon coated interior-set.

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