David Coulthard says he is convinced Mark Webber will be staying at Red Bull in 2011.

David Coulthard says he is convinced Mark Webber will be staying at Red Bull in 2011.

After his failed push for number 1 status this year, and now the loss of the drivers' championship to Sebastian Vettel, speculation was once again rife that the Australian might not honour his new one-year contract.

But Coulthard, Webber's former teammate at the energy drink-owned team and now a consultant, insists "there is no doubt in my mind" the 34-year-old will wear the number 2 on next year's RB7.

"There are 119 days before the next season kicks off and he will go away and reflect on what worked and what didn't. He will come back stronger," the Scot wrote in his latest column for the Telegraph.

There are also signs that Webber has been patching up his strained relationship with his young teammate.

They rode on the same plane from Abu Dhabi for the Red Bull title celebrations in Salzburg, and Coulthard was there to witness it.

And the Scot added: "I know they spent a whole hour after the race in the drivers' room talking it all over".

Coulthard said that on the plane "Sebastian and Mark sat next to each other and dozed and talked."

But before Webber bounces back next year, his father expects him to enjoy a rare holiday and even a few indulgences, after working hard in 2010 to keep his 6 foot frame below 75 kilograms.

"He'll recover and he might actually have a bit of a holiday," his father Alan told the Canberra Times.

"He'll maybe put a little bit of weight on and have to work hard in February to get it off again.

"He's not getting any younger but if he relaxes and has a great off-season he'll come back very strong," added Alan Webber.

There is, however, some speculation that it was Webber's call not to be involved with the first testing of the Pirelli tyres late this week.

And he is quoted by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport: "This was perhaps not my last chance to be world champion, but surely it was my best."

Webber to 'come back stronger' with Red Bull - Coulthard