Upcoming twin-turbo X5 M caught with no disguise

BMW’s X5, which has been spotted testing for months now in different mule forms, has been uncovered in its clearest garb with telltale signs of great things to come. Extra breathing holes are apparent under the front grille to accommodate the intercooler, which of course is necessary when vehicles are fitted with turbos. Which this X5 most certainly is.

That it is an iS version can be clearly seen from the oval twin-tailpipes which are typical of the range. The vehicle in the pictures is not complete as it sits on normal X5 wheels. Smaller detail like the M-style blue stitching on the inside of the steering wheel as well as a rev counter that appears to have an extra 1000rpm, are good telltale signs too that this is no ordinary X5.

According to a source at BMW, the new range-topper in the X5 range will be badged 4.8iS just like the previous one. But while the last vehicle had a 4.8-litre naturally-aspirated V8, the new car will sport a turbo, probably two, just like the new X6, and use the 4.4-litre V8. All the source could say as far as power is concerned, was that “it will be the most powerful SUV ever built”. Big words indeed. We can however, speculate that it will be higher than 500HP/373kW since this is roughly the power currently produced by the most potent lot at this level.

Importantly BMW policy is that SUVs cannot be badged as M cars, therefore we don’t expect this X5 to be dubbed M X5 or X5 M or similar at all.

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