Industrial giant GE to buy around 12,000 electric cars from GM - the rest will come from GM's competitors.

U.S. industrial giant GE will be buying 25,000 electric cars by 2015, about half of them from GM.

GE will be using the cars as part of its vast fleet, currently around 30,000 vehicles, including cars available for lease by consumers from the company's GE Capital division.

GE will be buying around 12,000 of those EVs from GM.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed but a good portion of the purchase is likely for the Chevrolet Volt, currently GM's only electric car.

The order is good news for GM but the rest of those vehicles will be coming from GM competitors. The Bloomberg report did not specify which other automaker(s) GE was considering buying its EVs from.

"Wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles will also drive clean-energy innovation, strengthen energy security and deliver economic value," said GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt in a press release.

The company's intention with the large purchase may be to spur its own business too.

GE's main business is engineering and the company will be investing $10 billion in clean energy technology over the next five years.