What really sets the car apart, however, is its lusty 1.4 16v engine with a power output raised to 120 bhp by Fiat Powertrain Racing

120 hp for F1 driver

Yesterday Felipe Massa, number two driver for the Ferrari Scuderia Formula One team, received a unique and very sporty Fiat 500 from his employer. Fiat really tries to take care of their drivers, but as always some (Felipe Massa) have it better than others (Michael Schumacher).

Felipe Massa's new Fiat 500 brings 120 bhp to the road through its fine tuned 1,4 liter engine. His autograph is embossed into the sill scuff plate and the exterior has been personalised with some unique graphic details. The unique Fiat 500 Sport is painted in Pearl White with brown Cordura interior, Skydome sunroof, 16 inch diamond alloy wheels and the customary red brake calipers.

Fiat Powertrain Racing (FPT) have worked their magic on the 1,4 liter 16V engine and raised power to 120 bhp from 100 hp, a little below the 135 hp Fiat 500 Abarth and well below the expected 160-170 hp from the Fiat 500 Abarth SS.

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