The Infiniti M35 is offered in two well-appointed models starting at RMB 548,000 and RMB 593,000, respectively.

Enthusiasm for luxury

China and luxury cars, its the one type of model Chinese manufacturers don't build to many of, yet the Chinese market seems to be craving for them. Infiniti tested the waters at the 5th China Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition with their Infiniti M35 sedan and has yesterday announced that the luxury sedan will go on sale in China.

The Infiniti M35 was launched at eight showrooms simultaneously throughout China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dalian, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Guangzhou). The M35 is powered by Nissan's VQ35 engine, producing 206 kW / 275 hp, comes in two models and will cost either RMB 548,000 or RMB 593,000.

China already has its first M35 owner who was thrilled and said: “how quickly my new M35 was ready for my first taste of pure driving excitement.” M35 interest has exceeded expectations ever since the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Infiniti M35 Available in China