Bugatti Veyron sustains $30,000 (€21,600) in damages in minor collision caught on video.

Novice driver or does Bugatti need to improve the rear-view technology on its ultra-expensive Veyron model?

The video here was shot by an onlooker, likely on a mobile phone camera, and was posted on luxury classifieds site James List.

According to their corresponding blog, James Spotting, the setting is Bentley Gold Coast dealership in Chicago and the particular Bugatti Veyron on hand is a 2008 Veyron 16.4. At the wheel of the Veyron is someone trying to take the car out for a test drive. The man seen scurrying about in the black suit is a dealership salesman.

Although, the video seems pretty uneventful, according to James Spotting, the car sustained damages totaling around $30,000 (€21,600), including the scrap to the front fender lip as the driver pulled forward again after the minor collision with the Toyota.

The car is still listed on the Bentley Gold Coast website as up for sale. So the driver may have opted for something a little less expensive to repair.