Fully designed in under 90 days, Motorcity Europe plans to produce a concept of their 600 horsepower MC1 supercar in the near future.

Motorcity Europe director Dave Hilton is out to prove the major car manufacturers wrong.  Fully designed in under 90 days, his company's latest scheme is to produce a concept of their 600 horsepower MC1 supercar.

"Initially I wanted to demonstrate that, in a short time, one designer can create and build a fresh design which is still possible for street development," Hilton told Car Body Design.  At a time when manufacturers often take years just to develop a concept, Hilton has plans that could revamp the industry.

Expected to hit production in about three years, the MC1 will have a V10 in the middle, carbon-fibre unibody, and scissor doors, giving it the true supercar look.  The length of the car, 4,503 mm, is less than a centimeter shorter than the Ferrari F430, and has a width of 1,905 mm, or 1.7 centimeters narrower than the F430.  The car is right in between the F430 and the Koenigsegg CCR in terms of height, coming in at 1,150 mm.

Plans for the MC1 include 20-inch wheels at the front, and 21-inch wheels in back.

Meet The New MC1 Supercar