VW Golf blue-e-motion will come with electronic gear such as a kW gauge to help drivers maximize its range. Technology on the electric Golf also includes different kinetic energy recovery settings for the regenerative braking system.

Volkswagen has released full details on the upcoming Golf blue-e-motion, which is scheduled for launch in 2014.

The electric version of the most popular car in Europe comes with an electric motor mounted under the front bonnet producing 85 kW/115 PS and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. Continuous power output stands at 50 kW/69 PS for this front-wheel drive, 5-door variant of the Golf.

The lithium-ion battery pack with an energy capacity of 26.5 kilowatt-hours provides for a driving range of 150 km but VW says that by the time the model makes it to production in 2013, the car's range rating will likely be higher. Top speed is an autobahn-sufficient 135 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h will clock in at 11.8 seconds.

VW will equip the Golf blue-e-motion with an instrument panel that will help with electric driving, with a kW gauge replacing the traditional tachometer to help the driver keep the kilowatt reading as low as possible and maximize the range of the vehicle.

Also part of the new electronic gear will be a kinetic energy recovery function that allows the driver to regulate how much regenerative braking the Golf blue-e-motion does. Four settings (D to D3) on the paddle shifters or the gear lever control this function, with the lowest setting D allowing the car to "sail" normally once the driver's foot comes off the accelerator while the highest level, D3, begins to slow the vehicle down and recover as much energy as possible.

The Golf blue-e-motion will also offer three drive profiles - Normal, Comfort+ and Range+, where more juice is on hand in Normal mode while Range+ limits power to 50 kW/69 PS to extend the driving range of the car.