Bugatti Veyron gets just 8 mpg (29.4 liters/100 km) in city driving on the American cycle, according the the EPA.

It's no surprise that the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States has ruled the 2011 Toyota Prius the most fuel-efficient car around. It comes in at a mileage rating of 51 mpg (4.6 liters/100 km) in city driving and 48 mpg (4.9 liters/100 km) on the highway on the American cycle.

But the EPA has declared the 2011 Bugatti Veyron the worst mileage offender in the United States market, with a mileage rating of only 8 mpg (29.4 liters/100 km) in city driving. The Veyron doesn't fare much better on the highway, with an EPA rating there of 15 mpg (15.5 liters/100 km).

Some of the top vehicles on the EPA list included the Ford Fusion Hybrid which delivered 41 mpg city (5.74 liters/100 km) and 36 mpg (6.53 liters/100 km) highway but it was the Japanese brands Toyota and Honda which dominated the top 10.

But the Veyron was in distinguished company at the bottom of the list, one that includes the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, the Bentley Continental GTC and Continental Flying Spur, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom/Phantom Coupe/Drophead Coupe - all of which delivered a city rating of 11 mpg (21.4 liters/100 km).

Of course, none of those are the fastest car in the world.