Red Bull is not ruling out the possibility of building its own formula one engines in the future.

Currently, the Austrian team uses customer Renault units, with the more competitive Mercedes-Benz units not available due to McLaren's power of veto.

When reports recently suggested Volkswagen might enter F1 as an engine supplier, the closely-aligned Red Bull was mooted as a natural partner.

"We're staying with Renault," the energy drink company's chief Dietrich Mateschitz said in an interview with Kleine Zeitung newspaper.

"But we are on stand-by for an interesting partnership," added the Austrian billionaire.

"And even the idea of developing our own engine, I think, is no longer so absurd," added Mateschitz.

He is probably referring to the sport's talks about reverting to a lower cost and more road-relevant engine formula one after 2012.

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