No team orders because 'the best should win' - Mateschitz

Dietrich Mateschitz insists that team orders will play no role in whether a Red Bull driver secures the energy drink-owned team's first title in 2010.

A myriad of pundits believe Mark Webber, with a higher points tally, should now be backed by his teammate Sebastian Vettel in order to chase down the lead of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso with two races to go.

But Austrian billionaire Mateschitz told Der Spiegel newspaper that there will be no team orders.

"This is a sport and the best should win," he said.

"Power, politics, manipulation and so on should be kept as far away as possible.

"The game is 'come and get me, if you can', and not 'let me through because I'm better'," insisted Mateschitz. "Racing must remain racing."

And their points tallies aside, he is adamant that the events about to happen on the circuit will determine whether Webber or Vettel triumphs.

"They are different in personality, but equally fast," he said.

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