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In a blow to drivers, the European Union has begun testing 'Super Speed Cameras.'

While details are limited, the EU has set aside €8.2 million ($11.6 / £7.2 million) to develop a camera system that will not only catch speeders but also tailgaters, polluters, unbelted occupants, and drivers traveling too fast for current road conditions.

According to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of the developers, "The equipment, based on automatic camera surveillance and wireless network connection, is handily located on a mobile trailer unit. The police are thus able to monitor traffic and impose penalties for violations more comprehensively and fairly."

The cameras are currently being tested in Germany, France, Austria, and Tampere, Finland - the latter being a too little close for comfort.

If everything goes according to plan, the cameras could be showing up across Europe in 2013.

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