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Hot Wheels and GoPro are teaming up to create a cheap and easy way for anyone to film movies starring the tiny cars. You can play with the new Zoom In model just like any other Hot Wheels vehicle, but a fold-up mount also lets folks attach a Hero Session or Hero 5 Session GoPro camera for recording the action. Best of all, at just cost of just one dollar any kid can get early practice at being the next Hal Needham. The firm's accompanying promo video offers a taste of what's possible by showing taking viewers on a high-speed run on a beach-side Hot Wheels track.

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The Zoom In is clever in its minimalism. With the GoPro mount stowed away, it just looks like a little cart. Fold out the plastic piece, and the car is no more attractive but far more useful. The camera nestles into a recessed area for stability. Filmmakers can then start shooting whether they are recording a new track layout or getting ambitious by using Zoom In as a follow car to recreate the chase from Bullitt in miniature.

Unfortunately, the Hero Session and Hero 5 Session aren't part of GoPro's current lineup. However, both of them are still readily available new online.

Given the amazing videos of Hot Wheels stunts already online, we can't wait to see what people create with these new rigs. People use the little cars to make all sorts of films. Some folks set up elaborate tracks and record the action of going through them. 

Other creators make more narrative films, like the Snowkhana series of clips that combines the little cars and lots of other toys.

Source: GoPro,  GoPro via YouTube

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