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In association with Russian truck, heavy equipment and armored vehicle manufacturer Zavod imeni Likhachova (bettern known as ZiL), the Russian government announced the acceptance of design proposals for a new presidential / head of state limousine. With a decision to be made before the end of the year, slava'saakyan design studio has presented the ZiL Concept.

Drafted by slava'saakyan studio founder and former ZiL designer, Slava Saakyan designed the ZiL Concept under the premise of not trying to be overly beautiful or pleasing to everyone. The ZiL Concept had to look very solid and embody the power and greatness of Russia. Saakyan dispensed with ornate detailing and focused on clear and understandable proportions in the most rational sense. Security, comfort and modernity also played vital roles in the design.

Saakyan believes following these priciples will give longevity to the design. The lack of a rear window, sharp edges and sharp corners illustrate the main principle - the car must be clearly understandable as is, without smoothing and over-styling.

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