Mazda2 Uncovered As A Sexy, Stylish 3-door Hatchback. Ready To Wow The Ladies at Geneva Show

The worldwide success of the compact Mazda2 has prompted the Japanese carmaker to unveil a sexy 3-door version of the car. Geneva International Motor Show will be the spot, the Mazda stand the rendezvous. Already a hit among the young-at-heart, Mazda2 increases its range twofold by introducing the newcomer in exactly the same engine derivatives as its 5-door sibling, which are the 1.3-litre, 1.5-litre petrol/gasoline options as well as the punchy 1.4-litre turbo-diesel.

Mazda will keep to the lighter philosophy of things as this version sheds the two doors and coughs out fewer CO2 emissions.

Pricing for the 3-door will be keen in order to attract the younger, trendier crowd whose language of communication is slightly different from the older Mazda6 generation. What word on an MPS version? Mazda is keeping tight lip, but as always, if and when a Mazda2 MPS hits the testing grounds, you will be first in line to see it. A total package of 200 bhp (150kW) is not out of the question for MPS.

WCF reported on the upcoming Mazda2 sedan a while ago, which will also be joining the growing lineup. Mazda2 5-door hatchback has been named Car of the Year in a number of countries including Denmark, Austria and Greece. It is one of eight finalists for the South African Car of the Year as well.

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