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Hyundai’s N performance division has bigger ambitions than just being a sub-brand. It wants to be more than just a letter – it wants to be recognizable. After Hyundai launched the N brand, it quickly got to work developing the i30 N and Veloster N – the first two Hyundai vehicles to receive the sporty treatment. However, earlier this year, Former BMW M boss turned head of Hyundai’s N division, Albert Biermann, said he and his team have been continuing work on the Racing Midship (RM) concept – a mid-engined vehicle first introduced back in 2014 that was appropriately named RM14. 

Since then, there have been two more versions – the RM15 and the RM16 N, both released in 2015 and 2016, respectively. However, it’s the RM16 N that’s received the most buzz. Not only did the model receive a substantial design update over the RM15, but spy photos and video of a camouflaged version have been spotted testing at the Nürburgring.

Hyundai RM16 N concept

Now, when Biermann said the company was continuing the work of the RM program, he added that the process was "just starting” for such a vehicle. “Our sales network is not used to performance cars, and we need to take a little time. Spreading out too many cars too fast is not the right thing. If we started with a bespoke car in the first place, people would have no idea what to do with such a car.”

Talking about dealership networks and having a properly trained sales staff in place makes the possibility of the RM16 N entering production more of a reality. You can’t sell something if you have no one on the team is capable of selling a mid-engined sports car. You can’t make the car first and then train your team. You need to prepare a team who can then sell such a vehicle whenever it comes. Biermann has hinted that two more N models are coming. We can hope the RM16 N is one of them.

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