WCF hits 100 million video views on YouTube

We are proud to announce the WCF YouTube channel has passed the 100,000,000 video view mark.  After a few weeks of anticipating this event, YouTube finally updated the statistics today.  Not only did we pass the 100 million mark, but we are already approaching our first million views.

This ranks WCF as the fourth most viewed channel in the automotive category behind TopGear and InsideLine.  We're not on the podium yet, but we're not far behind third place DavidsFarm who has some problems of their own.

It must be emphasized that not all videos that pass through the WCF YouTube channel end up on WCF main site. So, we implore you to join the 26,000 individuals who have already done so and subscribe (click yellow button) to the WCF YouTube channel. Help us reach 200 million!

Many thanks!

Gallery: WCF hits 100 million video views on YouTube