Tuned Equus to come with 450 bhp, a body kit with new bumpers and side skirts, 22-inch wheels and an interior trimmed in carbon and featuring audio and video systems under the control of a pre-installed Apple iPad.

Hyundai will be premiering another Equus tuner model at the SEMA show later this month, this one from Mummbles Marketing.

The "Elegant Equus" will come with substantial revisions including the addition of a turbo kit that will bring the horsepower rating on the Equus up to 450 bhp, new brake and suspension kits for improved handling, as well as an interior finish with entertainment system enhancements.

A set of 22-inch rims is also part of the package with 9.5 x 22" for the front and 10.5 x 22" for the rear.

Mummbles Marketing has also installed an Apple iPad with an application that can control not just the audio and video systems of the car but also work the windows, curtains and adjust the suspension.

There's also a Magna flow exhaust system, carbon trimmings for the interior and a body kit with side skirts and new bumpers.

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