X1 Prototype is a 'fan car' with 1500 PS (1106 kW) and a top speed of 450 km/h. Watch the video to see how it can perform.

Red Bull Racing, in partnership with Polyphony Digtial, has unveiled the X1 Prototype - a fictitious model meant for the Gran Turismo 5 video game.

In the video here we see Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel testing the X1 in the virtual world.

It purports to be the world's fastest driving machine.

The X1 Prototype is a fan car developed with the contributions of Red Bull Racing's aerodynamicist Adrian Newey. A fan car is just that - a race car with a fan that forces the air out from under the car reducing lift and creating a suction effect with immense downforce.

Fan cars have been banned from most racing due to the steroid-like advantages in aerodynamics and handling they provide.

The X1 Prototype comes with a 3000 cc twin-turbo V6 producing an immense 1500 PS (1106 kW) and 714 Nm of torque. 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) is 1.4 seconds and the X1 reaches 200 mph (322 km/h) in 6.1 seconds. Top speed is 450km/h and maximum lateral acceleration can reach 8.75G - at the very limit of what the human body can withstand.