New Tata/Chrysler Agreement Will see over 10,000 Tata-based Electric Buses Headed for US

Possibly the automotive company to watch in the coming few months will be Tata Motors. An agreement has been signed by Chrysler and Tata Motors to develop electric vehicles. Before that Tata was named as the preferred bidder for prestigious British brands Jaguar and Land Rover, which have been spun off by parent Ford Motor Company. Then it unveiled the ultra-cheap, four-wheeled safety concern named Nano, which it says will sell for USD 2,500, is primarily aimed at the European market but will be required in Africa, South East Asia and South America as a matter of priority.

Electric buses to the tune of between 10,000 and 50,000 a year will be sold in the US in collaboration with a US company.

"The battery-operated vehicle has passed required safety and reliability tests, and the prototype is ready for production," it said, adding they will be exported as completely built units.

"We are indeed exploring the feasibility of a vehicle on the Ace platform with an electric engine suitable for the US, in collaboration with a US company," a spokesman for Tata Motors told Reuters.

"But it is premature at this stage to give any details."

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