Toyota's Scion brand was the most reliable marque in the Consumer Reports survey. Porsche was number 2. But the survey showed marked improvements for GM and Ford brands while Audi, BMW and Mercedes took a hit.

The 2010 Consumer Reports vehicle reliability survey is out for this year and it is still the Japanese brands that dominate the top of the list.

Of the 10 most reliable marques, Toyota's Scion brand came in first, with only a single U.S. automaker in the top ten - Ford came in at number 10.

Two European automakers made the top ten, Porsche was number 2 and Volvo placed 8th in the survey. Toyota did not suffer much for its recent recall woes, coming in at number 6. All three Toyota brands, including Lexus at number 9, were in the top ten.

The survey, though, featured great improvements for GM and Ford. GM's Cadillac brand was up by 7 over last year's ranking. Chevy and GMC also were up, although, Buick came down in its ranking.

The news was not good for the other German premium brands - Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which all came in towards the bottom of the list - 26, 23 and 22, respectively - and were all down compared to last year, including BMW Group's MINI brand which came in at number 25. Those brands were beat out by the likes of Buick, Cadillac and Jeep in terms of reliability.

Of the 27 brands ranked, Chrysler came in last.

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