New technology includes intelligent drive system that will be merged with Efficient Dynamics technology to make driving even more efficient by up to 15 percent over the current 3-Series.

BMW is developing a host of new technologies, many of which will be first introduced in the next 3-Series, according to two Autocar reports.

One of the main features of the next 3-Series will be an intelligent drive system which BMW calls "Connected Drive meets Efficient Dynamics". It will enable the car to collect data from the outside, traffic, road conditions, etc., and merge it with on-board information from the car to calculate the most efficiency way to run and drive the vehicle.

The system will include cameras, lasers and other sensors, as well as telemetric functions for traffic information, to collect as much information from the outside of the car and will be integrated into the Efficient Dynamics function to deliver even more fuel-economy - up to 15 percent. With that, BMW hopes to reduce the CO2 emissions of its 320d Efficient Dynamics to 99 g/km for the 2013 model year and then lower it further still to 90 g/km mark for 2015.

Part of that intelligent drive system will be the ILENA intelligent sat-nav which can offer the driver different routes dependent on three criteria - eco-friendly, quickest route or standard route.

An Autopark function will be on offer too as well as a Smart Key - a swipe card that can hold credit and codes that can work as train tickets or open doors to pre-booked hotel rooms.

Next BMW 3-Series to feature lots of new tech