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Sending prototypes to race circuits is something new for car brands, as well as their independent tuning counterparts. Still, that didn’t stop AC Schnitzer from sending in their newest BMW creation – an M5 prototype under development.

Driven by Jörg Müller, who himself hadn’t completed a meter on the German circuit, the BMW M5 by AC Schnitzer clocked in a 1:31.71 lap time, beating the current record set by a Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV, which had a lap time of 1:31.79.

Other record-holders on the Sachsenring include a Porsche 911 Turbo S at 1:32.30, a Mercedes GTC50 AMG at 1:32.94, a non-AC Schnitzer BMW M5 at 1:35.55, and another AC Schnitzer build M3 at 1:33.90. This makes the prototype M5 the fastest sedan on Sachsenring.

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The AC Schnitzer BMW M5 had 700 horses under its hood during the trial run on the 2.28-mile (3.671-kilometer) race track with 10 left and 4 right turns. It also had 627 pound-feet of torque to pull its weight. AC Schnitzer said that the increase in performance on the BMW M5 was brand new and hadn’t been tested anywhere.

At the time of the testing, the available aerodynamic kits were only available from a sample parts program. AC Schnitzer knew it was risky, but proceeded anyway as the company see that the early testing was to face a regular BMW M5 and other competitors.

We think the company is just trying to prove a point, in which it did, and we highly commend it for that. AC Schnitzer should also thank its driver, Jörg Müller, as he was available at that time in such short notice.

The final developments of the new AC Schnitzer M5 is underway, with wheel combinations of up to 21 inches now available, along with "Carbon Sport" tailpipes, first aerodynamic components, and lowering springs. With its current record on Sachsenring, who knows what its production car can do after its launch.

Source: AC Schnitzer via Youtube

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