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So you’re cruising peacefully along a highway, enjoying a decongested drive towards a destination that’s miles away. Then, you see a Chevrolet truck heading towards you, with red lights on and the driver seemingly unaware that he’s going the wrong way, then you realize it’s moving backwards and actually going with the traffic flow. Confusing right?

That’s what the people on this highway might have felt when they saw this back-to-back 1976 K20 Silverado cruising an unsuspecting highway like it’s not looking weird at all. It literally has its front-end on its back, making it look like a Frankenstein creation if the doctor would have chosen to do cars instead. Or a Hindu god perhaps, ready to annihilate your soul that refuses to repent.

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What’s even crazier is that the weird truck actually has a taillight installed on the “headlights” section, which makes it more confusing and a little sinister. It’s like the devil’s pickup truck doing a rather odd prank stunt that isn’t funny for everyone. It could really been a really bad day for those who have seen this oddity, while having little to no sleep at all. But for us, it is funny and kind of interesting.

We wonder what went through the minds of its creators. Maybe “Hey, I have an extra set of a Silverado’s face, let’s fuse it with yours, back-to-back. That would really be funny,” Or “I want a sedan, but I like it huge and monstrous as a Silverado. Oh wait, say no more.” It must have been an interesting conversation.

Whatever these people’s train of thought was, it sure was colorful and out of this world. Even better, the driver was even confused at the end of the video, looking like he isn’t driving anything quirky at all. That guy could win an Oscar.

Source: ViralHog via Youtube

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