With Mercedes about to take the wraps off the standard-wheelbase A-Class Sedan (stretched model already out in China), we’re already looking forward to seeing the fancier CLA. Can the two models peacefully co-exist in the company’s continuously growing lineup? The three-pointed star seems to think so by offering the regular sedan as a more sensible compact car focusing on practicality while the not-a-coupe CLA will cater those prioritizing styling over anything else.

The CLA-Class part deux is currently undergoing testing and has been seen out and about hiding its swoopy roofline underneath camouflage while doing its best mini-CLS impression. The prototype appeared to have all of the final bits and pieces, but it lacks the full-LED headlights that would’ve made it live up to its premium car status. The fact that the license plate was slapped onto the front bumper in a hurry doesn’t help the cause either.

Take A Closer Look At The New CLA-Class:

New Mercedes CLA screenshot from spy video
New Mercedes CLA screenshot from spy video

There was a rumor more than a year ago about Mercedes’ plans to change the CLA’s body style by switching from a sedan to a hatchback / liftback in the same vein as the AMG GT concept, which went on to become the confusingly named AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. However, that does not seem to be the case after checking out the outline of the trunk lid and considering the glass area appears to be fixed. Of course, the camouflage might be playing tricks on us, hence why it’s better to wait for the disguise to be removed.

Aside from the exterior styling, there’s not much of a secrecy surrounding the new CLA since the interior will be largely inherited from the A-Class five-door hatchback. Same goes for the aforementioned U.S.-bound A-Class Sedan and basically the entire next-gen Mercedes compact car lineup, which will grow to include the GLB. The new array of engines that debuted in the hatchback will also power the other MFA2-based cars.

We will probably have to wait until early 2019 to see the new CLA as the second model part of Mercedes’ revamped compact family will be the A-Class Sedan due in the months to come.

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Gallery: New Mercedes CLA screenshots from spy video

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