Police in Virginia, yesterday, had quite the GTA-like pursuit when Virginia Army National Guard member Joshua Yabut, 29, stole an armored personnel carrier from Fort Pickett. Yabut led officers on a 60-mile chase without ever going over 40 miles per hour. According to police, Yabut was high on drugs at the time of the incident. After the chase ended, Yabut went to the hospital after being tased and bitten by a dog. Police charged the man with driving under the influence of drugs, felony eluding and a felony count of unauthorized use of a vehicle, according to Richmond 2Day. 

Numerous videos of the chase – which lasted nearly two hours – appeared on social media with many observers shocked by the scene. Police blocked exits along Interstate 95 for the safety of the public during the incident with several people spotting the tank on Route 460 in Dinwiddie, Virginia, and on Interstate 85. 



Even Yabut himself posted video and photos during his joyride. Heavy.com reports Yabut posted several times on social media about his lack of satisfaction with his position in the National Guard. He joined in 2006 as an infantryman until 2012 when he became a platoon leader. Two years later, he became an executive officer engineer before becoming and company commander engineer in 2016. He also worked for NASA from 2013 to 2017, according to Heavy.com. 



While the chase feels like a mission out of Grand Theft Auto, the incident ended without any crashes and no injuries other than the ones sustained by Yabut. Also, the tank didn’t have any weapons, and while Yabut did have his sidearm, he did not have any ammunition. This could have been much worse if there was heavy traffic on the interstates or he had the intent of harming others. While he is facing serious crimes, it would be fun to joyride in a tank.

Source: Richmond 2Day, Heavy.com

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