The broader fenders at least allow the tuner to install some seriously wide wheels.

The BMW M2 comes with fairly wide fenders straight from the factory, but the tuner Z Performance apparently doesn't think that they are broad enough because the company's new wide-body kit gives the Bimmer an even bigger booty. It's not a look that everyone can appreciate, and the toothpaste green body wrap on this show car makes the parts even harder to love.

BMW M2 By Z Performance

The eight-piece fiberglass kit from Zacoe Performance, includes a new front lip, side skirt, three-section rear diffuser, and big wing on the trunk. Carbon fiber accents appear in the front fascia, mirror caps, and on the rear end. Those massive bolt-on fenders are the most obvious change, though. Z Performance's announcement of this show car doesn't specify how much width that they add, but it's clearly a significant boost.

More BMW M2 Details:

The much wider fenders allow for some seriously broad wheels. The multi-spoke pieces from ZP Forged are 20 inches in diameter and are 10.5-inches wide in front and 12.5 inches wide at the rear. From the factory, the M2 rolls on 19-inch diameter units that are 9 inches wide in front and 10 inches wide at the back.

For this show car, the customized M2 features a few more upgrades beyond the wild body kit and wider wheels. A 300-cell catalytic converter and Remus cat-back exhaust give the inline-six engine a meaner sound. There's also a set of coilovers from the firm Lowtec. Inside, there's extra carbon fiber trim. The steering wheel has Alcantara upholstery and an integrated race display.

In stock form, the M2 features a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six with 365 horsepower (272 kilowatts) and 343 pound-feet (465 Newton-meters) of torque. Buyers can choose between a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Customers wanting more power can now opt for the M2 Competition that produces 405 horsepower (302 kilowatts) and 406 pound-feet (551 Newton-meters).

Source: Z-Performance

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PRESS RELEASE, Z-Performance, BMW M2 with ZP.FORGED 6 Super Deep Concave
Wide body kit and ZP.FORGED 6 alloy wheel rims on a pastel BMW M2

The M2 is still one of the absolute stars in the BMW M universe. It may be the smallest model and the entry level to the world of fast top models coming out of Munich, yet it is anything but sparingly motorized or slow-moving. Even a mere glance at its appearance clearly demonstrates its aspirations and its status. That some more could be done in this respect is proven by the latest project car from Z-Performance.

One of the essential ingredients of the extensive conversion is, of course, a set of wheels from the rim specialists. There are 10.5x20” ET-15 and 12.5x20” ET11 ZP.FORGED 6 Super Deep Concave rolling under the fenders. Their forged, multi-spoke centers are finished in brushed black and combined with polished beds. The Toyo Proxes sport tires added by Toscar Gummi measures 265/30ZR20 and even 325/25ZR20 on the rear axle.

It was only possible to mount such wide wheel-and-tire combinations thanks to the eight-piece GRP wide body kit. This comes from Zacoe Performance, as does the front lip and the large rear spoiler, the side skirts and the three-piece diffuser, the mirror caps and the trailing edge on the rear – all made of visible carbon fiber. All in all, the added parts give an incomparably chunkier, sportier look to the BMW. Another highlight of this coupé is undoubtedly the conspicuous, pastel pistachio colored full CFC wrapping. Furthermore, the chassis lowered by means of the Lowtec HiLow coilover perfectly rounds off the spectacular look of the BMW.

Further innovations of a technical nature are a 300-cell HJS catalytic converter and the Cat-Back exhaust system from Remus. The interior meanwhile has had its appearance upgraded even more with components from the BMW M Performance program: it boasts a large number of carbon-fiber decorative elements, as well as a steering wheel provided with carbon fiber trims and covered in Alcantara, and also features an integrated race display. Along with Z- Performance and the other companies already mentioned, others involved in customizing the car were, BMW M CH,, GM- Aufkleber and CFD Switzerland.

More information on the entire Z-Performance range of wheels can be found on the internet at

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