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Cadillac's Super Cruise system allows for hands-free highway motoring, but the system is exclusive to the CT6 – at least for now. Cadillac will start rolling out the tech to more models in 2020, and eventually it will be available throughout the brand's entire lineup. In addition, General Motors products, other than just ones from Caddy, will be available with Super Cruise after 2020, too.

Cadillac will also take a further technological step by offering offer V2X communications on an unnamed "high-volume crossover by 2023."  The system lets vehicles communicate with the roadside infrastructure and anyone else using the technology so that drivers can have advanced notice of traffic lights, work zones, and more. With a functional range of about 1,000 feet, it lets people know about the status of the road before a hazard is easily visible.

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Last year, had the opportunity to test out Super Cruise on a 1,200-mile trip from Memphis, Tennessee to Sante Fe, New Mexico. When active, the system is like an ultra-advanced version of adaptive cruise control. Lidar, GPS, cameras, and radar allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel. Inside, a driver attention system monitors the person behind the wheel makes sure that he or she is actually watching the road and not doing something like using a smartphone.

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The only major current weakness of Super Cruise is that it only works on specific roads. Cadillac has maps of over 210,000 miles worth of highways in the United States and Canada, which provides the necessary info for the forward path and center of the lanes. Combining this data with the on-board sensors means that drivers can take their hands off the wheel on the road. However, if someone takes too long to respond to the system's request to take back control, the vehicle automatically turns on the hazard lights and comes to a stop.

On applicable roads, an icon appears on the instrument panel, and pressing a button on the steering wheel activates the system. It doesn't work in construction zones or in especially inclement weather, though.

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