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Name: Maserati Buran

Debuted: 2000 Geneva Motor Show

Specs: 3200 GT’s biturbo V8 3.2-liter engine with 370 horsepower, four-wheel drive, six-speed Tiptronic gearbox

Why We Remember It Now:

One of the most unusual concepts to carry the trident logo, the Maserati Buran represented a combination between a sedan and a hatchback, with a minivan twist.

While Maserati is looking forward to the future with its exciting 2018-2022 roadmap, today we’re checking out the company's rearview mirror as our Concept We Forgot series is taking us back to the year 2000. Some 18 years ago, the 3200 GT 2+2 grand tourer lent its mighty 370-horsepower biturbo V8 engine to an entirely different type of car that was also styled by Italdesign.

The somewhat odd Buran looked like the result of an affair between a sedan (it had a proper trunk lid) and a hatchback, but that was not all. It received electrically operated sliding doors providing access into the plush cabin where there was another minivan trait: the gear shifter mounted high on the center console.

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Images showing the exterior don’t tell the true story about the car’s size as from some angles you might think the concept was quite small. However, that’s not the case as the Buran was large, stretching at nearly five meters (196.8 inches) long, almost two meters (78 inches) wide, and sat 1.63 meters (64.1 inches) tall. The wheelbase measured a generous 2.93 meters (115.3 inches), thus creating a roomy interior cabin for the driver and passengers to enjoy.

Named after a wind that blows in Siberia, the Buran was assembled in California and was styled with inspiration from the 1976 New York Taxi and the 1978 Lancia Megagamma, a concept van also from Italdesign.

Gallery: 2000 Maserati Buran concept

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