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When you have an insatiable drive for knowledge, a YouTube channel, and enough mechanical know-how to get yourself into trouble, you find whacky and weird things to do with cars. Take Garage 54 ENG – an English-dubbed YouTube channel for Гараж 54. The Russian channel has 1.4 million subscribers and an endless amount of interesting automotive content. In one of the latest videos on the English channel, the host decides to see if he can fill a car with five tons of concrete and still drive it. That unlucky car is a poor old Lada.

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In order to fill the Lada up with concrete and ensure someone could still drive the car, the host built a makeshift mold for the driver’s seat out of scrapped wood. The passenger and rear seats were removed, opening up the space between the truck and cabin. This allowed for the concrete to be brought in through the trunk. However, eventually, the trunk got too full of the extra weight making the car squat. So, they started filling in through the rear driver-side window. Eventually, the car was filled nearly to the bottom of the windows 

Once the concrete hardened in the Lada, the host climbed in the driver seat in an attempt to drive the vehicle. It doesn’t go well at the beginning. The tires, pressed flat from all the weight, barely move as the driver gives it gas, smoke billowing out from underneath the car. At first, he thinks it’s the clutch before conceding the smoke and smell is exhaust. After several failed attempts of moving the Lada any noticeable distance, they decide to two the car onto smoother ground.

This is where everything changes. After filling up tires with more air, the car drivers flawlessly both forward and in reverse. The ride quality is shot, obviously, but it moves – and surprisingly well for five extra tons. 

The video is long – nearly 20 minutes – but the English dub is fun to listen to and the overall feat is fascinating to watch unfold. 

Source: Garage 54 ENG via YouTube

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