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It must be quite a shock to come back to your minivan with your arms full of bags from the grocery store only to find that a gigantic king cobra is now residing in your vehicle. A person in China now knows the horror of that experience, though. To make matters worse, the venomous reptile got spooked when authorities arrived, and it crawled into the dashboard, which made the process of extracting the beast even harder.

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The cobra didn't seem very happy about the removal from the dashboard and was even less enthused about going into a cage. Don't worry, the snake doesn't have a future as a pair of boots or a purse anytime soon. The authorities handed the creature off to the wildlife preservation department, which presumably put the creature in a more natural environment where it wasn't able to slither into another minivan. 

The minivan's owner was at least lucky that he or she wasn't driving the vehicle when the snake revealed itself. A video from earlier this year showed that nightmare when a venomous red-bellied black snake started crawling around the outside of a vehicle on the highway in Australia. The reptile really wanted inside, too. The driver kept his cool and used a broom to remove the beast.

Now that temperatures are warming in the northern hemisphere, it's time to be more wary if you live in snake-prone areas because the reptiles have a fondness for cars. A hot engine block creates a nice place to curl up during cool nights, or a vehicle can be a nice place to get out of the sun on a hot day.

Source: CNN

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