BMW has unleashed a monster with the M5, and by monster we mean a car that everyone wants to beat, or at least that’s how some people see it.

Now, BMW knows how hot the M5 is, so they featured it again (remember the mom car M5 ad?) and this time, it was a post-apocalyptic scene in the city of Taipei in Taiwan. Well, not really the one with running zombies and mutated mammals, but the city has been deserted – no people and no other cars, but some surprisingly-working stoplights.

In the entirety of the video, you could see how the M5 tackle any types of road. It can switch between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, which is the difference between drifting and drag racing.

See Some Tuned M5s:

The M5 was seen attacking corners in a cargo yard, drifting its way through the dirt. It behaved the same way it did in this drift battle between the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, although much better and done more professionally. Or maybe it’s just the cameras.

When it comes to the city, it’s time to switch back to all-wheel drive where it behaved better on straight lines and more stable on corners. Too bad we didn’t see any drag action from the M5, just like what you can see in this drag race against, again, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

The two luxury sport sedans are often pitted against each other because of their similar performance figures at 602 horsepower for the Mercedes and 600 horsepower for the BMW. Although, the E63 has an advantage when it comes to torque at 627 pound-feet compared to the M5’s 553.

Going back to the video, towards its end was like any other ad, flashing the M5 badge that is the benchmark of its Bavarian motorsport heritage. And oh, it’s not an empty city after all.

Source: BMW via Youtube

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