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Replica cars are a dime-a-dozen online if you look hard enough. If it's popular, exotic, or some sort of classic, you can bet your last dollar someone built a replica using an everyday donor car – like some Honda. Most are, uh, not good. However, now and then one comes along where you have to stop and marvel at the craftsmanship like this Lamborghini Aventador replica from Mumbai, India.

If you watch the video – which is done well – there are several angles where the replica looks pretty darn close to the actual Italian supercar. If you get close and focus on the headlights, or get a low-angle shot of the rear end, the similarities are striking. Obviously, this isn't the real thing. Underneath the sheet metal is a Honda Accord coupe.

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But it's hard to ignore the craftsmanship that went into this project. The team behind the creation went to great lengths paying attention to detail. It's hard to find a body panel that looks even remotely like it's from a Honda. Usually, a replica copies the design cues of the car it's trying to imitate and pastes them around the donor car. Often, the final result looks odd as the headlights, taillights, and doors are usually dead giveaways of the car's true identity.

With this Aventador replica, though, there are some elegant touches. First, the lighting elements all around are top-notch pieces. The center-exit exhaust, which appears functional, is a nice touch. The cherry on top is the scissor doors that give the project its proper Italian flair.

Inside, the dash is not from an Aventador or any Lamborghini for that matter. However, the center console is a faithful imitation, along with the fighter-jet-like starter button in the middle. Even the instrument cluster looks solid. The sporty seats are also a nice touch. 

It’s easy to rag on people who create these machines. In reality, there’s a lot of love, sweat, and tears that go into projects like these. You can’t deny someone who is proud of their vehicle, especially when it looks as good as this Aventador replica.

Source: Imzy All In One via YouTube

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