Wireless charging system would be installed in the floor of a home garage or beneath a parking spot and drivers would simply have to park their vehicles over the energy source.

U.S. auto supplier Delphi Automotive is developing its own wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

Partnering with WiTricity Corp., Delphi is working on a system that would have drivers simply park their electric car over a wireless energy source, installed in the floor of a home garage or fitted under the pavement of a parking spot, and charge the vehicle's batteries.

The system would make use of WiTricity's patented wireless energy transfer technology which features high resonance magnetic coupling and can work at longer distances than a traditional power cord.

WiTRicity claims that its system can transfer over 3,300 watts, enough to completely charge an electric vehicle, in the same amount of time as a residential plug-in charger.

"Charging an electric car should be as easy as parking it in your garage or parking spot," said Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, in the press release.

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