There are now 100 examples of the Bugatti Chiron on the road, and the brand is finally feeling comfortable about detailing some of the hypercar's high-tech details. Former Le Mans winner Andy Wallace leads this deep dive into what makes the model so special.

The Chiron's engine is absolutely massive to the point that it's hard to imagine how the powerplant fits into the rear of the car. Wallace also points out the mill's quad turbos and the flap that activates at higher revs to direct air to all four of them. The attention to detail is amazing, too, particularly the EB logo that's in the carbon fiber – even in a spot where no one would ever see it. 

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Wallace takes time to point out the amazing tech in the Chiron's brakes. For example, there's a piece that surrounds the rear of the discs for creating a vortex a cooling air around them. The result is a huge drop in operating temperature, even after hard use.

Wallace also reiterates the claim that the Chiron can go even faster than the 261-mile-per-hour (420-kilometer-per-hour) limited top speed. Unfortunately, the world may never find out if that's true because company boss Stefan Winkelmann says that the run isn't a priority. Unless the hypercar can best the Koenigsegg Agera RS' 277.87-mph (446.97-kph) record, then Bugatti probably doesn't have much benefit from making the attempt.

100th Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti recently completed the 100th example of the Chiron out of the 500-model planned production run. Of those, the company already has standing orders for the next 300 units, leaving just 100 still waiting for buyers. Customers also now able to put in a reservation for the Chiron Sport that weighs 40 pounds (18 kilograms) less than the standard model, uses even more carbon fiber, and comes with a dynamic torque vectoring function for improving cornering.

Source: Carfection via YouTube

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