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Mercedes’ coming onslaught of electrified vehicles is no secret. For the last two years, the German automaker has shown off several EQ – the company’s electric sub-brand – concepts. The first Mercedes EQ model showed up at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. However, only recently has Mercedes teased the EQC, its first production all-electric crossover. Yes, it’s covered in camo, but there are still some clear details carried over from several of the concepts. One thing enthusiasts dread is the lack of aural pleasure associated with electric vehicles. The sounds of valves, combustion, and the exhaust add to the driving experience. That’s something EVs will have to overcome – and something Mercedes is saying goodbye to in a new video of the Mercedes Concept EQ.

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Mercedes isn’t being quiet about its EQ sub-brand of vehicles being silent. The short video, a brisk 38 seconds, shows the Mercedes Concept EQ cruising down a desert runway with an assortment of strange engine sounds playing over the video. The German automaker hired the talents of beatboxer Daniel Jovanov aka “Human Car Sounds” to provide engine noise for the noiseless concept. Even in the video description Mercedes says its EQ vehicles will be “powerful, dynamic, sportive and intelligent, but also entirely noiseless.” The vehicles should have the plenty of performance. They’ll just lack the symphony of a combustion engine.

There are, of course, safety implications with noiseless cars – especially for head-down texting pedestrians that flood today’s crosswalks. With an engine and all its musically mechanical bits spinning and banging no longer the norm, automakers may have to resort to artificial car noises to help alert pedestrians to the new silent EV vehicles. We doubt Mercedes will hire Jovanov to turn its quiet EQC crossover into sounding like a rotary-powered drag car. The automaker will likely employ some sort of electric whine or whistle to give the appearance of something from the future. Then again, maybe pedestrians should just pay more attention. 

Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube

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