“Yackety Sax” is ready for maximum viewing pleasure.

The number one thing you should never do when police try to pull you over is run. However, if you do decide to try to outrun the cops, don’t run in circles as this woman did in Ukraine. The whole scene borders on parody as the woman attempts to flee the police by driving in circles. One officer gets out of the car and tries to physically stop the woman, getting close enough to smash out the rear window and attempt to shoot out the front tire – twice. All that’s missing is 1963’s “Yakety Sax” (below) – popularized by “The Benny Hill Show” that hit the airwaves in 1969. I’m not suggesting you should start the song and then press play on the video above. However, it certainly elevates the overall viewing experience.

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When the video starts, the police car somehow collides with a circular concrete divider in the center of the plaza. How? I don't know. The fleeing woman goes around and around the plaza as one officer emerges from the crashed police car and chases after the car on foot. The officer runs after the fleeing vehicle going back and forth trying to stop it. Soon, the other officer joins the foot chase. 

A dump truck tries to intervene by getting in the way of the fleeing car is it goes around and around, but it’s too slow, failing to impede the car’s progress. Eventually, one officer gets back in the police car and hits reverse in an attempt to block the suspect’s car. Instead, the police car collides with the fleeing vehicle, spinning it around but failing to stop it. The woman then heads down a road away from the plaza, the police car trailing, and one officer left at the scene.

The comedy behind the whole thing looks like a bad real-world example of Grand Theft Auto. Yes, life is stranger than fiction, but this video seems excessively hilarious – from the running police officer to the woman just going around and around and around. We doubt this could be recreated in GTA. But we’ll certainly give it a try.

Source: ViralHog