Sebastian Vettel is faster but Mark Webber's points advantage could be enough to make him world champion, according to Dietrich Mateschitz.

But, even though often appearing to favour one driver over the other, the Red Bull owner insists that the pair will be equally supported for the forthcoming three-race run to the 2010 crown.

"Sebastian seems to have a slight edge as far as speed is concerned," the Austrian billionaire told German news agency DPA, presumably recalling Vettel's recent run to victory at Suzuka from pole.

"We will see whether Mark's (points) advantage is enough to win the title," he added.

"There will be no team order from our side," said the 66-year-old. "The driver who makes the least mistakes and is faster should, or will, win."

It has been suggested at times this year that Mateschitz and his deputies would prefer Vettel - the young, German speaking Red Bull protege - to become the energy drink company's first F1 champion.

But Mateschitz insists: "If we win the drivers' title we would be happy for both in the same way because each one would deserve it."

He warns them to be wary of their tenuous relationship.

"It is important that they both know that they need the other man to become world champion, and that they are also driving for the team and the constructors' championship," Mateschitz said.

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