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Our favorite body repair guru from Russian, Arthur Tussik, is back with a new impressive video, highlighting the full body repair of a severely damaged BMW 7 Series from the latest generation of the model. All the panels of the sedan’s left side are in need of a replacement or restoration, and Tussik is once again here to help.

With most of the interior disassembled, he starts removing the rear left quarter panel and the reinforcement details in the body construction. It’s where most of the damage is focused and the replacement parts come from a donor vehicle in a good condition. Fortunately, the construction allows for single details to be replaced without the need of a deep cut.

Once the inner parts of the body are welded, it’s time for the rear quarter panel to be fitted. Tussik makes a couple of gap inspections with the left doors mounted to make sure everything is in factory tolerance. Then, the trunk lid is also put back and all the gaps are checked again. When all the body details are installed and all the gaps are good, it’s time for the final welding of the rear fender.

BMW 7 Series body repair
BMW 7 Series body repair
BMW 7 Series body repair

The hood is Tussik’s next task. While it’s generally much less damaged, it’s made of aluminum and it needs to be pre-heated before the repair starts. When the hood’s hammered back into original shape, the car is headed to the paint shop.

As usual, the full repair took Tussik 10 days, split evenly between metal and paint preparation work. Needless to say, the final result is indistinguishable from new and the car is ready to hit the road again. We can only hope that, if it’s getting a new owner, he’ll be informed about the car’s history and about what it took to get it there.

Source: Arthur Tussik on YouTube

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