Ford may take the Start Concept to production and the new model would replace the Ka in Ford's lineup by 2014.

Ford introduced the Start Concept at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year. It featured a radically new design language for the automaker meant to appeal emotionally to consumers. The car is made from an aluminum and steel space frame with snap-on colored body panels attached to it making for a more streamlined production process.

The Start was created by Ford's Strategic Concepts Group Studios in Irvine, California under the tutelage of Freeman Thomas.

The Start Concept is a compact minicar designed mainly for urban environments. As a concept car, the Start came with a 1.0 liter, 3-cylinder, turbocharged, direct-injection EcoBoost engine with a stop-start system which Ford maintains would deliver an equal amount of power to that of a small 4-cylinder power plant. Reports are that it can be tuned to as much as 120 PS.

The Start would come with a price tag of around $13,000/€9,335 but not in the United States - at least, not right away. The Start would first be introduced in global markets such as China, India and South America before eventually making it to Europe.

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