According to a recent report, Porsche is planning to use hybrid technology to offset stricter CO2 emission regulations.

Speaking with Automobilwoche, Porsche development chief Wolfgang Duerheimer said "In the future, we will have hybrid drive in every model line." While he didn't discuss the issue further, Porsche's Heinz-Jakob Neusser confirmed the Panamera Hybrid will be able to travel up to 6km (4 miles) on electricity alone.

Besides investing in hybrids, Porsche is considering adopting four-cylinder engines. While this isn't surprising, considering Volkswagen has plenty of experience in this department, Duerheimer didn't sound overly optimistic as he commented they would only be used if "CO2 guidelines require it."

Furthermore, Porsche has set a mandate that no future vehicle will be heavier than the model it replaces. To achieve this, the company is developing carbon fiber bodies which would weigh roughly 50 kilograms (110 pounds) less than traditional ones. Sadly, they are still several years out.

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