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We’re not sure about you, but we enjoy when brands go head-to-head with their interesting advertisements, whether on TV, web, print, or anywhere else you can think of. For instance, the Ford’s straight-forward comparison ad over Youtube was the most direct shade-throwing we’ve ever seen.

Now, it’s the Bavarian brand’s turn. BMW releases a new X2 ad over Instagram, firing shots at its tightest German competitor, the Mercedes GLA.

The short clip showed a gold X2 rolling in front of three black GLAs, then dropped a golden mic in front of the cars, literally. It also came with the caption “A real star rolls out in gold. Be the one who dares. The first-ever #BMW #X2.”

Here, watch:


Short but witty, the ad is entertaining and we can’t help but enjoy the gangster aura that the X2 promulgates. We must say, the X2 is a crossover with a youthful, active vibe and the mic-dropping stint was very fitting.

The first-ever BMW X2 is the marque’s answer to the very marketable small crossover segment, which signals the demise of the sedans globally. It’s situated between the X1 and X3, finishing BMW’s SUV puzzle of X’s. It’s powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TwinPower engine, with TwinScroll turbocharger to make 228 horsepower with 258 pound-feet of torque. 

More on the X2:

The Mercedes GLA, on the other hand, is due for an update, with numerous spy videos and photos surfacing the web this month. It's spotted working hard at the Nurburgring, attacking corners and smoking straights. With the looks of it, it looks like Mercedes will be on an all-out war against the X2, but in a different way. On the track, perhaps? We’ll see about that in the months to come. But for now, this round goes to the golden BMW X2.

Source: BMW / Instagram

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