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Heard about the Inkas Sentry APC from two years back? The hardcore, armored tactical vehicle from the Canadian automaker that looked like it came straight out of the movie Death Race? Well, it gets a multi-purpose vehicle sibling and it’s just as badass as the first one, something that Jason Statham wouldn’t mind driving.

The Inkas Sentry MPV is the brand’s latest vehicle, designed to mix flexibility and customization with utmost protection and passenger comfort inside an armored vehicle. Now, that’s a sentence we didn't expect we’d make, but that’s how the marque sees its latest creation.

Inkas’ all-new Sentry can seat four to six people, with several seat configurations available. What separates the MPV from the APC is that it’s lighter, which means more maneuverability for a huge car that could virtually go anywhere with its advanced off-road capabilities and 4x4 drivetrain. Doing the math, it makes the Sentry MPV an ideal vehicle for first responders, law enforcement, SWAT, and border control agencies.

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Moreover, Inkas also added a pickup-truck-like rear bed on its latest model. This is beneficial if the vehicle will be used as a transport of goods, or anything that can fit the relatively small cargo bed.

If it isn’t any obvious, the Sentry MPV is bound towards military and police use, especially with its BR7 armor level. It measures 227 inches (5,766 mm) long, 98 inches (2,489 mm) wide, and 97 inches (2,464 mm) high, with 141 inches (3,576 mm) wheelbase and 20 inches (500 mm) ground clearance.

Under this huge MPV’s hood is an equally massive 8-cylinder 6.7L turbodiesel engine, connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox. It can produce 390 horsepower and 800 pound feet of torque.

The Sentry MPV will make its debut at Canada’s Defence and Security Trade Show on May 30-31, 2018.

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INKAS® Announces the Unveiling of the New Sentry MPV

TORONTO, ON – At this year’s CANSEC conference, INKAS® is set to unveil its brand-new Sentry Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). The new Sentry MPV is a product of advanced development and unique technical design and will be making its debut at Canada’s Global Defence and Security Trade Show, May 30-31, 2018.

This new iteration built upon the Sentry APC platform was designed to add more flexibility and customization options while still maintaining the superior protection and comfort one expects from an INKAS® armored vehicle. Using mission-tested solutions, INKAS® has improved upon previous models to design a vehicle able to adapt to any environment. Due to its lighter size and advanced off-road capabilities, the new Sentry MPV can get on site faster, making it an ideal solution for first responders, law enforcement, SWAT, and border control agencies.

The new Sentry model can accommodate four to six people including the driver, and the configurable seating arrangements allow occupants to operate the MPV while maintaining all tactical positions. The INKAS® Sentry MPV is also lighter than a traditional Sentry APC, which increases its maneuverability while keeping its occupants comfortable in almost any climate and terrain.

The brand-new innovative design language has produced a multipurpose armored vehicle with a "pick-up truck" style rear bed that is true to the reliability and adaptability congruent with the INKAS® brand. Whether it is used for transport and maintenance operations, rescue and medical evacuations, personal transport, or surveillance, the Sentry MPV is flexible to suit any mission.

Additional technical details for the Sentry MPV include:

Armor level: BR7

Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic

Engine: 6.7L 8-cyl Turbo Diesel

Horsepower: 390 HP @ 2,800 rpm

Torque: 800 ft. lb. @ 1,600 rpm

Drivetrain: 4x4 with manual selector

Wheelbase: 3,576 mm

Ground clearance: 500mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 5,766 mm x 2,489 mm x 2,464 mm (without turret)

Max speed: 140km/h


Currently in stock, the Sentry MPV is available to be shipped around the globe and has a range of customizable options. The Sentry MPV can be modified to the specific needs of every buyer with the addition of:

  • 360° turret
  • Acoustic hailing speaker
  • Electronic winch
  • Night vision
  • Escape hatches
  • Front-mounted plow or barrier system for obstacle clearance and crowd control
  • Wire mesh reinforced windows
  • An externally facing siren, public address system, and emergency lights all controlled within the cabin
  • Complete engine bay and mechanical component armoring

Advanced surveillance features allow the Sentry MPV to remain one of the best on the market in tactical reconnaissance. Custom observation systems include data collection, high-powered observation with trunk-mounted scope, complete elimination of all running lights, and external view cameras with a 360° field of view. The capabilities of the newest Sentry model also include signal jamming, detection of firing sources with positive identification in under one second, and protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

INKAS® once again has designed an armored vehicle that marries mission-tested innovative technology with rugged armoring to deliver both safety and comfort. Tested to meet up to NIJ-STD-0108.01 Level IV and CEN Level BR7 ballistic standards, the Sentry MPV is well-equipped to handle anything in its path.

About INKAS® Group of Companies

The INKAS® Group of Companies, housed in Toronto, Canada, is an international corporation with a presence in many industries all over the world. Focusing on financial and security solutions for retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, and global corporations, INKAS® has grown to employ over 400 people to produce advanced technology products and services. INKAS® provides its customers with an integrated suite of armored vehicle manufacturing, cash management, environmental and point-of-sale products and services to strengthen their overall profitability through increased revenue, reduced costs, risk mitigation, valuables security and transport.

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing provides luxury and custom-built armored vehicles and is known internationally for producing high-quality multipurpose tactical vehicles. For additional information or product and service details, please visit

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