Strange, but not a bad idea at all.

We human beings are amazing. We can do a lot of stuff that are way beyond our imagination. And what better place to see these things than on the internet? Right? Thank heavens for technology.

But do you really think you’ve seen it all? Like, have you ever felt that you’ve been surfing the web too much, you’ve seen the weirdest of the weirdest that you could possibly imagine? Hold your thought. Apparently, we’ve all just scratched the surface.

Colin Furze, a British Youtube sensation, stuntman, inventor, and former plumber just did the craziest thing we could ever imagine doing on a 1989 325i Cabrio – he turned the BMW into a mobile bathtub.

Yes. A mobile bathtub. One that you fill with water and take a bath in. Even better, the bimmer still works, which means you can drive at 40 miles per hour while all soaked in bath, playing with a yellow rubber ducky. How cute is that? Guess Furze just redefined the meaning of driving a convertible.

While you're at it, here's more weird stuff:

Now, in case you’re wondering how Furze managed to put water inside the car without ruining its electronics, let’s not forget that he’s a former plumber. Using his experience and expertise, he isolated all the car’s electronic parts and put it in front of the car, away from the interior that they once belonged to. Even the ignition is placed outside the vehicle, which isn’t really weird compared to the modified 325i’s grass-filled exterior, foam blower feature, and built-in barbecue grill at the back.

Actually, this isn’t a bad idea at all, especially when you’re living in a tropical country where the sun seems closer. Imagine driving on a hot summer day, with three of your friends, just chilling inside a water-filled Cabrio, while grilling scrumptious beef patties. Isn’t that the life?

Too bad it’s winter in the video, though.

Source: BMW via Youtube

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