This isn't the type of runaway mustang we would usually write about.

Motorists on a highway in Houston, Texas, found a bizarre sight on May 20 when a horse somehow ended up running down the middle a multi-lane road. Several videos captured the weird event. Thankfully, quick-acting bystanders were there and safely guided the very frightened animal out of danger. 

The clip above provides a great overview of the equine rescue. The horse canters down the road when a white truck and a beige SUV slowly box in the animal. Someone in the pickup reaches out of the window and grabs the bridle. Meanwhile, the drivers of both vehicles help guide the horse off the road. 

The rescue is an impressive sight, and the video above provides an closer view of the action because it comes from the passenger seat of the beige SUV that's on the right side in the wide-angle clip. The driver takes action to maneuver his vehicle next to the animal. A woman hangs out the white pickup's window and gets control of the scared horse. Given her confidence with handling the bridle, she seemed to have spent some time around the big animals before. Meanwhile, the SUV driver tried to calm the animal and helped direct it off the road. At the end of the clip, he commented that she saved the horse's life.

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A noise had reportedly spooked the horse, and it ran onto the road. Police and the animal's owner eventually arrived on the scene, according to Houston's Chron local news. These rescuers deserve a hearty pat on the back for their skilled driving that's able to keep this horse out of serious harm.

Source: UPI, Storyful Rights Management via YouTube, Chron

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