Toyota has announced plans to introduce the Tacoma X-Runner RTR (Ready to Race) at the SEMA Motor Show.

Designed to show the company's engineering prowess, the truck features a Tundra-sourced 5.7-liter V8 which has been outfitted with a TRD supercharger. Thanks to this addition, the engine produces 504 hp (376 kW / 511 PS) and 550 lb-ft (752 Nm) of torque.

Elsewhere, engineers installed a mechanical limited slip differential, a lowered suspension, a custom side-exiting exhaust and 15-inch wheels with race-specific Goodyear Eagle tires.

On the styling department, there's a sporty red / silver paint scheme and special graphics. Inside, the cabin has been stripped of non-essential equipment and outfitted with a TRD steering wheel and a roll bar.

Gallery: Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR headed for SEMA

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