The Opel Kadett is an otherwise nondescript car built by the German automaker in various forms until 1991. This is the kind of car use as a getaway car when you rob a bank. It blends in with traffic. However, the cvdzijden - Supercar Videos YouTube channel caught a-not-so-plain Kadett at the RACE1000. A quick glance won’t raise too many flags that there’s something sinister sitting under the hood, but the big exhaust, meaty tires, and stripped-down interior give away the Kadett’s true power.

Under the hood is a 16-valve, turbocharged 2.0-liter making 1,250 horsepower. Yes, you read that right – 1,250 hp. Even with an undisclosed amount of torque, this hatch is pushing Bugatti levels of power. According to the video description, the car is from WKT.

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At the RACE1000, cars compete to see how fast they can complete a half-mile run. The tuned Opel hits an astonishing 195 miles per hour (314 kilometers per hour). That’s insanely fast. From the video, it’s clear the driver’s seat is missing – it’s also likely the rear seat is gone, too, but that’s not clear from the video. The center console is gone with only the carpet remaining. And it appears the instrument panel – HVAC and radio controls are gone, too. If you want a fast car, you have to cut weight somewhere. 

It’s clear from watching the video the car is difficult to launch. Mashing the accelerator creates torque steer probably – and spins the tires. Once the hatch is going, it rockets away. Even on the smooth runway, you can see the Opel zig and zag between shifts as the amount of power to the wheels changes. You can also see the driver’s helmeted head sway back and force during acceleration. 

This 1,250-hp Opel Kadett is a great example of a sleeper – something that looks mundane but packs a powerful punch in a pinch. No one needs that much power in a classic hatchback, but it does look fun.

Source: cvdzijden - Supercar Videos via YouTube

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