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The Mercedes-AMG GT can be had in a few different flavors. The standard offering is the GT Coupe, which pumps out a respectable 469 horsepower (349 kilowatts). Somewhere in the middle of the lineup is the GT C, which is a bit more performance-oriented and produces 550 hp (410 kW). At the top of the range is the track-ready GT R, which churns out a hefty 577 hp (430 kW). There’s even a new four-door GT. But even with all those options, one German tuning shop thinks the AMG GT could use more power.

Renntech now offers an upgrade package for the AMG GT R that delivers anywhere from 612 to 825 hp (456 to 615 kW), depending on the trim. The latter of the two options is dubbed the AMG GT R825, and along with more horsepower, adds a whopping 626 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters) of torque to the equation. All that extra power comes courtesy of larger turbo, paired with a software upgrade, blow-off valves, and high-flow air filter, among others. Both the transmission and clutch have been reinforced to cope, of course.

Renntech Mercedes-AMG GT R825
Renntech Mercedes-AMG GT R825

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More power also comes with a few modest exterior upgrades, too. Renntech has fitted the GT R with its unique aero package, which was first shown at the Top Marques Monaco earlier in the year. The new look includes an aggressive front bumper with unique canards, sharper side splitters, and a special two-stage rear wing to help cope with all that extra power. The package also includes a set of lightweight forged Vossen wheels, wrapped in super sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP tires.

All those upgrades will undoubtedly come at a cost. Renntech doesn’t say how much the upgrade package will cost on top of the GT R’s base price of $157,000, but the final product should come close to $200,000, especially the 825 hp upgrade.

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RENNtech: up to 825 HP in the Mercedes-AMG GT series

I doesn’t always have to be a Porsche 911. Since 2015, anyone wanting to drive a first-class German sport coupe has had an excellent alternative to the Zuffenhausen classic available in the form of the Mercedes-AMG GT series. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is considered to be the home of the AMG GT, especially the GT R top model. Like many manufacturers, the Mercedes tuning specialist RENNtech also has a development and testing center located right next to the legendary circuit.

Now RENNtech has compiled a large tuning portfolio for the sports car to match these first-rate circumstances. The centerpiece is a broad range of ways to enhance performance. Depending on the model, 612 HP up to a fierce 825 HP are possible, as in the RENNtech AMG GT R R825 pictured here. The maximum torque rises to at least 730 Nm and up to 850 Nm in the highest expansion stage. The performance packages that enable these power increases are a software upgrade for the engine control unit, a downpipe with a 200-cell cat, blow-off valves, a high-flow air filter, and a turbo upgrade available in three stages. Added to this is the lifting of the Vmax block. To keep you from being overstrained by the enhanced power of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the transmission and the clutch have also been reinforced.

Apart from technical optimizations, RENNtech has also enhanced the appearance of the GT R. The Aero Package celebrated its world premiere at the Top Marques Monaco in 2018. It includes front bumper canards, side rocker panels, a larger, two-stage rear wing and an extended diffuser that makes it look even more like a sports car while unleashing additional aerodynamic potential.

A perfect addition is the new set of wheels for the AMG GT models. The forged RPS 10.2 rims designed in-house by RENNtech are made exclusively for the company at VOSSEN. Their dimensions are 10x19” and 12x20”, giving the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP semi-slick tires measuring 285/30 ZR 19 and 335/25 ZR20 plenty of grip. With their satin black finish and optional accents in Green Hell Magno, the rims fit in effortlessly with the “Green Hell” look of the GT R.

However, there are not only various aerodynamic add-on parts and rim packages in practically endless color combinations for the GT R, but for all other AMG GT models, as well.

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